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Lawsonia Inermis
Lawsonia Inermis
Rubia Tinctorum
Rubia Tinctorum

marchio Henné de Shiraz

This Line of Hair Dyes is performed at 100% with vegetable raw materials: flowers, leaves, roots, bark…. in fine powders, the most of which are imported directly from Iran by MORGAN Cosmeceuticals.
They are extremely safe and effective, provided that hair are in a good condition, as regard to the pH value and the electrostatic charge.
Out of these, the products containing a large share of Henna work well on the hair at a certain level of acidity: 5.5/6.0, the physiological one. As to the electrostatic charge, this may be altered simply by a Shampoo, or, more seriously, by any chemical treatment.
Therefore, before applying the herbal dyes, hair must be conditioned with a balm, for instance, or any other product which could be able to restore their physiology.
HENNEdeSHIRAZ® line consists of 8 items, having the powder of the Henna leaves as a main ingredient.
The word Henna, very likely, is derived from the Arabian-Aramaic “Hanna”, that means “to become a Queen”, while Lawsonia  (the red pigment of the leaves) comes from the name of the British botanist Israeli Lawson that first, in 1709, isolated the dyeing matter.
However, HennédeShiraz  is not only Henna-Lawsonia.
Other herbal powders are mixed to create the various items, except one, the “Neutral” which is done with only one powder, the Ziziphus Spina Christi, i.e., the shrub from where it was taken the “Crown of Prickles” of Jesus!
Now, how does it work an herbal dye?
HENNEdeSHIRAZ® means not only colour, but also protection, shining and health, since the powders, mixed with hot water are due to form a film around the hair shaft. Good results depend, not only on the hair condition (as said above), but also on the quality of each ingredient: Safflower, Campecho, Indigo, Madder Root…sometimes do not stick so well to the hair as Henna does, if application is not done in a proper way.
For instance, the powders, once mixed with hot water to give a sort of mud, have to be applied on “dirty hair”, because a shampoo could produce an unfavourable condition. Besides, the hot mixture has to be left on hair as long as possible, and it would be helpful to heat hair from time to time during application.
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