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Above features make a sort of identity card of the Company, whose main points are:


creatività CREATIVITY

In a market where the “me-too” products seem to be a common practice, the MORGAN’s strategy and mentality are led first of all by the principle of being innovative, either as to the concept of the products or marketing.

naturalità NATURALITY

Using natural ingredients with peculiar goals for each product is the reason for living. There would be no products of Thalasso without seaweed from Brittany, nor thermal Cosmetics without buying directly from the SPAs, nor Hair dyes without supplies from Iran of the relevant herbs.
specificità SPECIFICITY

No same products for all seasons, neither for all persons, nor for all skin problems.
affidabilità RELIABILITY

As a conclusion of what above, products must be quite good and then reliable. The only problem could be their price, but as regards to this, we like surprises.

Head Office: 6, Via Mori - 40054 Prunaro di Budrio (BO) Italy - P.I. 02259921209 - credits