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Terme di Caracalla

Terme di Caracalla
SPA (Salus Per Aquam)
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It’s tanks to a partnership with a SPA Centre of the renowned PARMA’s area that MORGAN Cosmeceuticals can develop their “thermal” range, keeping off the latest marketing “trend” of tricking advertisement.
Upon rules, already widely adopted into EU, the producers of Cosmetics are allowed to have a SPA labelling only in case of an actual business connection with a SPA Centre.
The natural resources (water and mud), MORGAN Cosmeceuticals employ, are rich in Minerals (150g/litre) such as iodine, bromine, iron, calcium, manganese, that help each product receive an identity and a peculiar goal: anti-wrinkle, anti-cellulite, moisturizing, anti-age, soothing and restoring.

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