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Established only in 2002 By Dr. Marcello ROCCA, a passionate Herbalist of Bologna, MORGAN COSMECEUTICALS S.A.S. is however the heir-at-law of a Company created in the early 80’s by the same man to introduce into Cosmetic wordl the basic elements of the Thalassotherapy. Thanks to close links with Brittany, Dr. ROCCA was amongst the first cosmetologists who included marine actives, rich in iodine (Seaweed Laminarias and by-products), into Anti-Cellulite products (Wraps, Creams, Salts, a.s.o.) Such a concept became so innovative to invade the unexplored fields of biochemistry and human physiology, without going beyond however the borders fixed to the Cosmetology, that, just in 1986, receveid a first complete regulation following an European Directive. But, since herbs were the first “love affair” of Dr. ROCCA, he had a key achievement when in 1985 he took Henna out of the humble and petty herbalist’s shop, promoting it to a mass-market commodity. Henna Line, introduced in almost all the channels, at the beginning in two items, then in 6 (1994), at last in 8 (2005),became the synonymous with the herbal hair dyestuff, as an effective and safe alternative to the too much risky chemical dyestuffs.
Terme di Caracalla

Terme di Caracalla - Salus Per Aquam
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