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It is Known since ever that the sea water is a source of well-being, beauty and health. This was recognized already by Euripide (V cent. B.C.) when he wrote “the sea is a remedy against all the human diseases”.
But it was a French biologist the first who used the Greek word “thalassotherapy”, at the beginning of the last century to mean “sea-therapy”.
Réné Quinton discovered, indeed, that the sea water includes all those elements and substances which are necessary and sufficient for both human and vegetable life and that its composition is very similar to that of the blood plasma.
The sea water includes approx. 60 mineral salts and oligo-elements, all the most important proteins and vitamins, the 8 “Essential” Amino-Acids.
All these elements are present, at the physical or molecular status, in the best way to be assimilated by the human organism and therefore may develop an essential activity as regards to the cell exchanges.

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